Language Barriers (and Breaking them Down)


I woke up to our first full day in Brazil. The host families here are very hospitable and are fun to be with. It is definitely a tough challenge though communicating in Portuguese! It takes a big effort on our part (as well as our host family) to really communicate. However, it doesn’t mean that we should stop communicating altogether.
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The Famous Dinuguan


Not all Filipinos have an affinity for this dish made with blood! Still, it’s a popular Filipino cuisine.

You’ll see this in different variants – of beef or pork. While here on mission, I got the chance to try out something different.

Dinuguang Kalabaw! I must say though that it’s really good! I could go on to say (IMHO) that it’s actually better than pork or beef.

Not all would eat this kind of food though. Some religions forbid eating food with blood. Even the early Christians during the time of the apostles were debating whether it is allowed or they have to stick with the Jewish dietary laws (we see these events several times like in Acts and in Galatians).

At the end though, the church affirmed that salvation is for all. Whether Jews or gentiles, they are to be recipients of the good news! Jewish laws need not be imposed to attain salvation. It can be attained through faith [in Jesus Christ] working through love!(Gal 5:6)

Faith works wonders!

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“The most basic Christian gesture in prayer is and always will be the Sign of the Cross.”

– Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

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For He alone is the way that is worth following, the light that is worth lighting, the life that is worth living, and the love that is worth loving.

– Bl. Teresa of Calcutta

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Food Trip!

One of the bonuses of going to mission is being able to try out food from different places. I’d like to start then a series of posts that highlights the food from many places.

Filipinos love food and the concept of salo-salo. Likewise, Jesus used food to relate with the people of His time. Table fellowship then is a good way to build relationships!

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